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You'll love the atmosphere here, with pastimes that include surfing, relaxation, golf, horse riding and trips to the casino. Come and discover the region's seaside and forest on foot or by bike, and don't forget to visit the Étang de Cousseau nature park. Wander through the discovery circuit that takes in the former seaside villas, or why not try a night-time outing in the bustling town?

The Cordouan lighthouse, guardian of the Estuary

In the middle of the estuary, halfway between Royan and Le Verdon-sur-Mer, stands the majestic Cordouan lighthouse. Surrounded by a vast sandbank at low tide, this is the oldest operational lighthouse in France and the last remaining offshore lighthouse open to the public. So if you've ever dreamed of visiting the Cordouan lighthouse don't miss the opportunity of a boat trip! The journey takes 45 minutes, with the timetables changing daily according to the tides. The lighthouse keepers welcome visitors to Cordouan from April to 1 November, delighted to open the doors to what many describe as the Versailles of the seas!

One of the most striking aspects of Cordouan is the beauty of its stone and its rich decoration, notably in the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Cordouan. After landing, you cannot help but admire both the monument itself and its setting, as you follow the small stone causeway that leads to the lighthouse. With 311 steps to reach the top, the most spectacular view in the region requires a little effort, but the reward is breathtaking. And not simply the view itself, but the calm serene atmosphere and the uniqueness of the experience, the impression of being suspended between the estuary and the Atlantic Ocean!

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It is famous worldwide for its prestigious red wines, its very well known wine appellations which include grands crus classés, and its splendid winemaking châteaux in the surrounding region. Despite its small scale, this village is home to all sorts of wonderful features, including its underground area (catacombs, the Ermitage cave etc.), as well as having a rich historic and religious heritage. Saint Émilion is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its historic and unique winemaking areas.

Make the most of it by spending a few days camping at the Yelloh! Village Saint-Emilion, which lies just 3km from the mediaeval village, in the heart of a tree-filled 10 hectare setting, with a lake and a lovely heated aquapark!

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Citadel of Blaye

Looking out over the Gironde estuary, the Citadel of Blaye is one destination you just have to see on holiday. Built between 1685 and 1689 by Vauban to monitor shipping, today it is emblematic of his works. Awarded historic monument status in 2009, this fortification, with its ramparts stretching for 1.5 km, plus its other gates and buildings, will be a hit with visitors of all ages. Set off to explore its underground tunnels, stroll through its alleyways, meet the local craftsmen etc. Or just take in the fantastic views over the Gironde estuary. It really is breathtaking, as you'll see! Your visit here will really be a journey back in time, with its disused convent, prison, barracks and more. Walk in the footsteps of the 1500 or so soldiers who lived here in days gone by.

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